Day-1, 13 February 2020

Annual Scientific Sessions-2020
College of Medical Laboratory Science, Sri Lanka

Session 1 : Research Symposium

9.00 am
Inauguration of Research Symposium
9.10 am
Correlation of salivary α-Amylase activity vs severity of stress and anxiety among medical laboratory technology trainees during clinical laboratory assessment
9:20 am
Screening for Thalassaemia traits, blood groups and the prior knowledge about Thalassaemia among students of Hhaputale Dammananda maha vidyalaya
9:30 am
A Study on Cost Optimization in State Sector Hospital Laboratories of Sri Lanka
9:40 pm
The burden of Dengue infection and circulating serotypes in the western and Southern coastal regions in Sri Lanka.
9:50 am
Learning experience of medical laboratory students towards a self–study e-learning resource-preliminary study
10:00 am
Comparison of urine dipstick and Sulphosalicylic acid (SSA) methods with Pyrogallol dye binding methods for detection of urine proteins
10:10 am
Correlation among Fasting Plasma Glucose, Creatinine and urinary Microalbumin of type 02 diabetics attending diabetic centre, Teaching hospital, Jaffna
10:20 am
Association between direct LDL, Apo A1 and Apo B with traditional serum Lipid parameters of people who are attending a tertiary care hospital
10:30 am
Serum Interleukin-6, high sensitivity C – reactive protein levels and related risk factors in patients undergoing Discectomy following Cervical/Lumbar disc Herniation
10:40 am
In vitro Antioxidant and Anti- inflammatory properties of Garcinia cambogia, Curcuma longa and Sesame oil
10:50 am
Prevalence and known risk factors associated with Renal Dysfunction in people residing in selected tea estates in Balangoda area
11:00 am
Effect of quality and quantity of human DNA extracted from forensic hair samples for successful PCR amplification
Closing of the Symposium

Enhancing the quality of Healthcare Delivery via Personalized Medicine in Industry 5.0; Contribution of Medical Laboratory Professionals

Session 2

Key Note Speech

“Transformation of Medical Laboratory with Industry 5.0 and precision medicines changes future healthcare delivery”

By Mr. Manju Gunawardhana

An award winning Sri Lankan Scientists currently CEO at Hybrid Technologies, Consultant, Nanotechnology applications, Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC)

From 1130Hrs to 1200 Hrs
Guest’s Speech

“Information management systems and Artificial Intelligence reform the role of Medical Laboratory in healthcare delivery”

By Dr. Richard Rumnong

Medical graduate and also holds a post-graduate degree in Medical Technologies from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Heads Clinical Excellence Laboratory Diagnostics

From 1210 Hrs to 1240 Hrs

“Change the expectation of healthcare taker via industry 5.0, Artificial intelligence and other Smart technologies”

By Dr. Rangika De Silva

An experienced researcher in the field of nanotechnology and advanced materials His first degree in Mechanical Engineering and earned his doctoral degree (PhD) in the field of polymer nanocomposites, Recipient of two NRC grants and an EPSRC-UK international grant.

From 1250 Hrs to 1320 Hrs

“Molecular science reforms the role of Medical laboratory in healthcare delivery”

By Dr. Chandanamalie Punchihewa

PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences Bachelor’s Degree, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Attorney-at-Law Head of Molecular Diagnostics at Lanka Hospitals Diagnostic Founder-Gene labs Medical (pvt) Ltd

From 1430 Hrs to 1500 Hrs

“Novel laboratory approach in testing of highly infectious diseases including nCorona 2019 virus and substantial role of Bio safety in healthcare delivery”

By Dr. Rohitha Muthugala
Consultant Virologist

In-charge of Regional Clinical Virology Laboratory and Sub-National Laboratory for Human Influenza Virus Surveillance Consultant Clinical Virologist – Teaching Hospital – Kandy

From 1510 Hrs to 1540 Hrs