International Exhibition on Lab, Analytical & Biotechnology Instruments & Consumables 19th - 21st August 2016
International Exhibition on
Lab, Analytical & Biotechnology Instruments & Consumables

18th - 20th August 2016
Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre - Colombo - Sri Lanka
Initiated by
Ministry of Health, Nutrition &
Indigenous Medicine, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an emerging market for clinical trial business with some contract research organizations already operational in the country. Sri Lanka is getting involved more and more in clinical research. The need for clinical research training in Sri Lanka for medical and life science graduates has been stressed upon by various research papers published by Sri Lankan authors.

In the recent past, the government has been working on promoting the conduct of global clinical trials in Sri Lanka. In 2010, Treasury Secretary Dr P.B. Jayasundara, addressing the corporate sector revealed that it hoped to create a clinical trials “industry” to earn US $ 1 billion annually. Only global clinical trials ‘imported’ to Sri Lanka, not locally initiated ones, could possibly achieve this.

The clinical trials group of the Human Genetics Unit was set up to undertake industry sponsored clinical trials in Sri Lanka with the collaboration of clinicians in various institutions communing under the Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka.

The availability of large numbers of patients and well trained clinicians, a good system of ethics review and an efficient regulatory process implemented through the Drug Regulatory Authority of the Ministry of Health make it possible to run clinical trials in Sri Lanka according to ICH-GCP guidelines.

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